Why Start Collecting Original Artwork

Traditionally the majority of art buying was done in a store front. When you entered a brick and mortar art gallery you were greeted by the galley owner or their assistant. There was a real person that you could ask questions and get an answer. Gallerists would educate you on how to start or add to your collection. Now the art world has drastically shifted to online art stores. You can become overwhelmed with the sheer number of them. So how do you start?

Your first purchase will probably be the most intimidating, but the best time to start collecting art is always now. I am here to help you start your collection. While I can honestly say that the majority of galleriests that I have worked with in my career were educated about the artists they represented. The main authority on any painting is always the artist who created it.

You may be wondering why should I start collecting art in the first place? The answer is simple, great art makes you think, feel, and see in new and interesting ways. Having colorful artworks in your home enriches your daily life while adding visual interest to your space. It also shows off your aesthetic sensibilities. You may have limited time to search for art work. Please note I can always assist your selection process of my pieces.

Collectors often tell me that as they spend more time with one of my paintings the piece begins to open up to them in ways they did not

expect. It’s one of the most rewarding parts about collecting art you love, and the reason most of folks become devoted to the art of collecting. Feeling inspired to start your collection? Remember my site has a special tool called augmented reality which allows you to view the piece your interested on your wall before you buy it. Plus if need a site specific painting I am more that happy to create that for you.