Smart Tips For Buying Art Online

Six Smart Art Collecting Tips For Buying Art Online

1. You want to know the difference between an art canvas print and an original painting.


Original artwork means it was created by an artist who paints it 100% by hand. The original painting is unique in the world, no identical one exists.  A  print is made by a machine using a digital photo of the original.

2. You want to invest in artworks that only use high-quality archival materials

That old saying you get what you pay for is fundamental especially in selecting art. Different brands of paint often are available as student grade, amateur and professional grade. Higher quality professional paints are more expensive because they contain more pigment which enhances the luminosity of any color. Art materials that are labeled archival means they are durable or permanent. Both the type of paint used and what it is painted on is important when buying art online.


3. Substrates what are they and why you should know what your painting is painted on.

A substrate is the primary or underlying material on which other materials such as, paint, pastel, watercolor, ink, pencil etc are applied. The two main substrates for painting are canvas and wooden panel. Substrates also come in student grade, amateur and professional. Cheaper canvases will warp or buckle over time because they are not archival. The majority of store bought canvas are mass produced and manufactured in China or Mexico.

4. Understand why original art sold online has vastly different price points.

The first reason is material costs. As previously mentioned there is a big difference in the cost of archival art materials compared to non archival painting materials. The next reason is how labor intense the original painting is. Colors mixed by hand take longer than colors used directly out of their tube. Layered painting with numerous layers obviously take longer than one layer of paint on a canvas. A third reason would be selling history. An emerging artist usually is still learning and often has limited exhibition or sales history, therefore their price points are lower.  A professional artist will have an extensive history of sales through galleries, commissions via art consulting firms as well as grants and awarded residencies from art foundations or museums. The price points will reflect their level of experience. Purchasing art from an experienced established artist is a better quality investment for you.

5. Why you want to know the difference between a hobbyist and a professional artist

Hobby artists may spend years making art completely for personal pleasure. They want no responsibility for a business. They don’t desire to grow a following, sell their artwork, or try to support themselves with their craft. Hobbyists have no commitment to professionally developing their business skills. They simply want to create, without turning it into a business. A professional artist is a small business owner whose livelihood does depend on making a profit. They are committed to always improving both their business skills and their artistic talent. A professional artist often plays the role of an art consultant, art dealer, grant writer, and or exhibition curator. A career artist cares about their customer.


6. Why it is important to buy the correct size painting or print for your intended wall.

The most common mistake you want to avoid when buying artwork online is selecting the wrong size piece for your intended wall. A general guideline is that paintings hung over any type of furniture should be less than 75 percent of the width of that furniture. For example a painting that is to be placed over a 84 inch long sofa should be 63 inches wide. Use our websites special augmented reality tool to preview exactly how the print or original piece will look in your home or office before you buy it. Please know that we are available to assist you with your selection if you have any questions.